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    Founded in New York City, we're 500 yogis meditation teachers, authors, healers, dietitians,

    doctors and all types of leaders for social good.

  • Our vision

    We're finding solutions for America's health crisis through wellness, mentorship and travel,

    helping to prevent career burnout and strengthen leadership in the workplace.


    We envision a healthier world enriched with strong community, compassion and kindness.

    Featured in The New York Times.

  • Meet our Founder

    This is Cassandra Bianco. She's a meditation teacher, social impact adviser and community leader.


    She's worked with beloved wellness brands

    and for some of the world's most disruptive companies.


    Merging modern science innovation with ancient wisdom, her perspective is rooted in the interconnectedness of all beings.

    Cassandra Bianco


    Chief Yogi

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    We support companies with personalized

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    1-on-1 emotional support calls

    coaching calls

    experiential labs

    ...led by senior experts with expertise in

    hypnosis, meditation, intuitive eating, digital wellbeing,

    cacao ceremonies, the neuroscience of happiness, sound baths...

    everything that heals mental health.

    We’re a global network.

    USA: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle

    International: Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Gothenburg, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto, Athens, Mexico City

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